Rebecca Love - Sculptor


     Clay can enter into our lives as a metaphor. This seemingly simple substance that is a crucial part of the earth can take on life itself in the shape of a human form or in the simplicity of a hand built vessel. My exploration into the clay world since 1995 has brought me to a deep and profound understanding of human nature. Its complex and simple ways challenge us to view ourselves traveling
 "beyond the mask" in the discovery of who we are "behind the mask."


 About the Artist

 The inspiration for the work I create comes from life itself. The pieces are created from images taken by a plaster mold. Clay is cast into the molds, prepared and worked. Then, they are adorned with impressions from what surrounds us in nature, mementos from lifestories, as well as paintings and decorations from cultures around the world. My travels to Africa will no doubt show you  how the people and their culture inspired my current body of work, telling some of their stories "beyond the masks" they wear.


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